Frances Hill

Eat Me!
12 x 9 in
Watercolor on paper sealed with UV varnish on wood.

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About the Artist

Frances Hill

Frances came to Hawaiʻi with her husband and son in 1979, settling in Kailua where she has lived ever since. Moving in such an immediate way from vibrant London to the slower paced Honolulu required a major adjustment. The juxtaposition of those two, very different worlds has had a significant impact on her art. 

"My work is typically bold and colorful and while abstract in nature, tells a story or leads to a conclusion. I am moved by color as the primary rhythm to my paintings. The context of my work is a tricky combination of extreme boldness of color, large shapes and forms, combined with the subtlety and sensitivity of transparent watercolor and the proud texture of collage."

"When not working in abstract I use figures as central characters in my art and I am continually working to further develop this genre as a primary thread for future series."

"My work is primarily a mix of either pure watercolor, sometimes with additions of pastel and collage elements. More recently I have been painting nude figures in acrylic on canvas."

"Usually working on a large scale, I have recently added "little pictures" painted in acrylic on watercolor paper which are then sealed and mounted on primed boards."

Her work is in private and corporate collections in Hawaiʻi, New York and London. In the past few years The State Foundation of the Arts in Hawaiʻi has purchased several of her pieces for their collections.

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